Our Story


Working from her studio in a Cambridgeshire village in the Fens, Amy designs and handcrafts beautiful contemporary pieces of jewellery. Using traditional silversmithing techniques gained while training at Sheffield Hallam University, Amy is passionate about creating timeless, elegant, everyday jewellery from sterling silver and gold. 

Being creative has always been apart of Amy's life growing up, but where she found her passion was very much the making sculptural and three-dimensional forms. After studying for her Silversmithing degree in 2003 she instantly set herself up designing and creating silver jewellery.

Amy is strongly drawn to nature and the wonderful intricate forms you discover as you stop to take a closer look but also the simplicity of a silhouette. Bringing those to life in beautiful pieces of jewellery combines both her passions perfectly. Much of her inspiration stems from her family walks in the woods, being very lucky to have the largest Silver Birch tree woodland in England right on the doorstep.

Through her work, with Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold she captures those cherished possessions in life, to remind you of the ones you treasure and the landmark moments in your life while providing the customer with stunningly simple pieces of jewellery that they will happily wear time and time again.